Rules and Regulations


  1. Polite and respectful behavior towards the teachers, the office staff of the college and their fellow students is expected from a student of M.N.Mahavidyalaya.
  2. The teachers and all the office members should be caring to all the students. They will build a good interaction with them.
  3. Use of mobile phones, head phones is strictly prohibited in the class rooms and in the campus where serious works are conducted.
  4. Punctuality and regularity in the class rooms are highly desirable.
  5. Appearing in the college internal assessment is mandatory.
  6. Identity Card must be carried regularly and produced when asked by the authority inside the campus.
  7. Students are to maintain strict discipline in between the termination of a class and the beginning of the next one.
  8. For the breach of discipline within the college premises the Principal of the college may: i. Impose a fine on a student. ii. Suspend the student for period as he may deem it fit iii. Expel his /her candidature from the college for some period as the administration thinks justified.
  9. Regular attendance is required to appear in the university examination. As per the rules and regulations implemented by the University, students must possess at least 75% of class attendance. Otherwise, they may be declared by the college authority as discollegiate/ non-collegiate. Guardian meetings may be organized to ensure better attendance and performance.