Every  College  under  the affiliation  of  Vidyasagar  University  has  its  own  Students’ Union. Maharaja Nandakumar Mahavidyalaya is not an exception. The  Students’  Union  has  come  into  existence  in  the  year  2007.The  students  of  the  college  duly  elect  their representatives  of  the  union  annually.  The  students who pay  their  session  charges  and  tuition  fees  for  the  last  three  months  prior  to  the  date  of  election, are  allowed  to  vote. Students’  Union  belongs  to  each  and  every  student irrespective  of  caste, religion  and  sex. The  Union  plays  a  vital  role  in promoting  academic, cultural  and  social  activities  among  the  students. It helps the college administration to maintain discipline and normal academic and social activities in the campus.
Objectives and main  activities  of  the  Students’  Union:

  1. To monitor the advancement of learning.
  2. To  develop  the  sense  of  social  service  and  patriotism  through  community  service.
  3. To organize the inter-class debate, healthy cultural competition and the like.
  4. Publication of annual magazine and various wall magazines.
  5. To organize recreational activities for students.
  6. To organize Games &   Sports activities.
  7. Readdressing  the  grievances  and  problems  of  the  students  before  the  authority.
  8. To  maintain  the  relationship  between  the  teachers, students and  non - teaching  staff.

Members of the Executive Body of the Students’ Union (2016-17)

1.Goutam Ghorai-President
2.Rajkumar Ghorai-Vice President
3.Lakshmikanta Adhikary-General Secretary
4.Sk.Arobilla Molla-Asst. General Secretary
5.Halima Khatun-Cultural Secretary
6.Golam Sarweor-Asst.Cultural Secretary
7.Suraj Mishra-Game And Athletic  Secretary
8.Jayanta Ghara-Asst. Game And Athletic  Secretary
9.Mouluda Khatun-Magazine Secretary
10.Subhadip Mal-Asst. Magazine Secretary
11.Nabakmar Paik-Boys’ Common Room Secretary
12.Tapasi Maity-Girls’Common Room Secretary.
13.Shyamal Mondal-Bijnan Parishad Secretary
14.Biswajit Dolai-Asst. Bijnan Parishad Secretary
15.Mahamadul  Hassan-Secretary  of Student  Welfare and Social Service
16.Rittika Sasmal-Asst. Secretary  of Student  Welfare and Social Service
17.Sk.Ijaj Molla –General Member.