National Service Scheme (NSS)-was launched by the Government of India since long to provide a social service in them. From those days the scheme are in vogue in many colleges and Universities. The motto of NSS is to help the students, to come in touch with the people of the community with capabilities they acquire within the four walls of their class rooms. Through NSS, a student, enrolled as NSS volunteer, can render yeoman service for his community on the one hand and can develop his personality through interaction with his fellow men in the community on the other. ’Not me but you’-this slogan of NSS clearly explains what Endeavour can be grown within an NSS volunteer through this scheme.

Our Mahavidyalaya has succeeded to open one NSS Unit recently having an enrolment capacity of 120 volunteers under the supervision of an NSS programme officer. The unit is normally engaged in cleaning the college surroundings and maintaining and building up a small size garden, creating awareness about importance of keeping sound health and hygiene of the common people. Oberservance of National Days and some specific International Days is done by NSS .We are expecting to open one more NSS Unit to meet the growing demand of the students.